Make a Resolution to Share Your Passwords with Those You Care About

Woolly Caterpillar after a gentle rain

First things first - Happy New Year everyone!

This is a post that I really intended writing a year ago in January. It’s message however, behind as it might be, is just as important - maybe more so.

My little woolly caterpillar caught out in the rain is serving as an abstract view of the internet universe.

Without our passwords, we have no access. Unless we happen to be hackers or near geniuses. Most of us are not.

But these days, more than ever, many of us are relying on the internet for paying bills, banking, and a whole host of other activities important to the smooth functioning of our lives.

In many cases, just like my sweetheart Kirby and I, one of us was in charge of paying household bills, balancing check books, financial matters. For many years that was me. Then several years ago we switched roles and Kirby took over; and unlike me - missy analog - he chose to use the internet to expedite these tasks.

When he suddenly, unexpectedly passed, I could not access anything. He had made a list of passwords, but they lived on his computer which was password protected.

If you do nothing else this year, be sure you take steps to write down every password, security answers, and any other information needed for access in a safe place outside of your computer and give a copy to your spouse or children or roommate. If you have privacy issues, place the documen in a safe deposit box. Or simply protect those things you wish to keep private with undisclosed passwords.

However you decide to protect those you care about who share your life, do it NOW.

Hi Pam, such a beautiful

Hi Pam, such a beautiful picture!
And such a good and handy sugestion to do.
I was lucky that i knew some of his words, but not all.
Some where protected as well. Such a stupid problems. I know how you must have felt.
I had as well problems that i had to remmeber by my own that there was on other bank account, happely for me, it was one that i could phone so they could help me when i had posted all the paperwork of the inhirentment.
But there are so much other things to find out and to stop and all your own soares and pain.
I'm glad that allot is over, but still sometimes i received a letter of the graveyard in my new city with new restrictions.
it will be allways a hard time and it's stopping the mourning and grieving you need to go on. It will cost some years. that's the sadness after all.
But this advice will help others for those stupid problems you don't will have in such difficult days.
thank you Pam XO's

I am not at all behind, am I

I am not at all behind, am I Jet!!!!

Thank you for your kind note.  I have been meaning to do this for a long time.  Finally got to it.  I was blessed to have help from my children to sort all of these things out, but it was a great difficulty.

I am feeling so much better, and the doctor is slowly cutting down some of the medications.  I am grateful for that.

Hope you are well, my dear friend who has been so patient with me!

Dear Pam Such good advice! I

Dear Pam
Such good advice! I had not considered the possible problems of passwords. We do use KeePass software to save important passwords in, for memory reasons mainly but it means we are probably covered, but it is an important message nonetheless and I will check that we both can access each others devices. I
I am sorry you had to deal with this, and admire you putting the message out.
All the best

Dawn, I so appreciate you

Dawn, I so appreciate you visiting and your note.  It is just not something we think about.  And especially if we are young. I was fortunate to be blessed with a son who has "skills", but without him  -  don't even want to think about it.  And even with his skills, it was difficult.  Kirby had tried to put his passwords together in one place a folder that lived on his desk top.  He just didn't think about the fact that no one knew the password to the computer.  With all of our parents still going strong in their '90's, we really didn't see this coming. 

Great Reminder! We have ours

Great Reminder!
We have ours in a spreadsheet
but probably need to be sure they are up to date

Thank you Annette for

Thank you Annette for reading!  It is good to know that you and your sweetheart are on top of things.  So important.

I'm so sorry you had to go

I'm so sorry you had to go through that. And I really appreciate you sharing such good advice I have talked to my husband tonight and we are going to share passwords thank you. God bless.

Oh Letty, your words mean so

Oh Letty, your words mean so much to me.  It was a nightmare.  And just not the kind of thing we think about - it never seems to come up.  I am so glad to hear from you. xox