Early Spring Update and Requesting a Little Help!!Please!!!

Arne and Carlos Easter Bunny

Sorry to be such an absent blogger! We are going to talk about that in a bit, but first - wanna see what I have been up to the past month!!

Top of the list was to complete my Arne and Carlos Easter Bunny in time for Easter!! The pattern is from “Easter Knits: Eggs, Bunnies and Chicks” by Arne and Carlos. (Order on Amazon.)

The bunny yarn is Gloss DK in color Cloud by KnitPicks. It is a wool silk blend and I love it for making Arne and Carlos creatures. The sweater is a blend of one strand of bunny yarn and one strand of ZiaWoolz Sugarloaf fingerling Mini in Mariposa color. Shop here. The scarf was made with the remaining Sugarloaf fingerling on #7 needles - a 6 stitch I-cord.

Arne and Carlos Socks

I completed a pair of socks using Regia yarn designed by Arne and Carlos for Diane (Craftypod).

Arne and Carlos Hat, ZiaWoolz Socka

And completed this beauty hat from the yarn scraps remaining after making hats for Diane and Alice (Futuregirl) Christmas of 2014. The design is from Arne and Carlos and available in their book “Norwegian Knits with a Twist.”

And that gorgeous sock is made from yarn I went crazy head over heels in love over from ZiaWoolz. It is fingerling weight Taos base color Pumucki’s Party. I am about halfway through the second sock, and more ZiaWoolz sock yarn waiting a turn on the needles.

Arne and Carlos Christmas Tree Skirt

Also on the needles, A Christmas Tree Skirt for one of my Advent Trees, pattern in “Norwegian Knits with a Twist”. Arne challenged me to make it while he was signing my copy of the book 18 months ago! Arne and Carlos will be returning to the Pacific Northwest this fall and I am determined to have it completed.

Arne and Carlos Sweater

And, I can no longer swear I will never knit another sweater!!! This incredibly beautiful little number designed by Arne and Carlos made my resolve dissolve and I have the first 6 rows completed!!! The pattern for this one is also in “Norwegian Knits with a Twist”. I am using KnitPicks Gloss DK colors Cloud and Aegean.

Snow Moon

I have been spending most of my time on the internet these days on Instagram. And many of my blog friends are there as well. And …… I have begun to share more of my photography passion over there - sharing images of the Pacific Northwest and other favorite places. It is both fun and challenging trying to please both the craft and fiber crowd and photographers! But I have met so many people who are either blog or facebook refugees. It’s a great environment if you haven’t tried it!!

In fact the image above of the Snow Moon was taken from my own back yard primarily to support one of my photographer friends living in Norway and specializing in Aurora photography.

The truth is, I am at the point where I don’t exactly have a clear path forward for the blog and I really, really would appreciate input from those of you who still visit and for whom this is our only connection. I do not want to lose that.

I won’t be giving this space up. Not even considering it, but as the whole blogscape continues to change, I am trying to define it’s role and relevance to your online lives. The daily bits and pieces are now shared over at Instagram. I will definitely be using this space for future tutorials. But as much as I love creating and then writing tutorials, the frequency is undetermined!! Lots n lots of ideas, just kinda engaged at the time with patterns I want to complete.

So if I have any friends left over here, I would appreciate so much you sharing your thoughts and tell me what you miss most, what you would like to see most, why do you even come here! I am trying to sort this out and your help and thoughts would be so appreciated.

Hi! You are so great... You

Hi! You are so great...

You don't see me commenting much, but I love your blog.

You're not letting anyone down if you post once per week. And if anyone says it then - don't listen (I wanted to say something else, but it is a public place so... :D)

And I just started my "windowsill garden"... You help me dream about my own garden while I knit :)

Keep up a good work :)

It looks like you've been

It looks like you've been busy crafting beautiful and fun things, Pam! I always love seeing what you're up to! I look forward to your holiday celebration posts - fun to see what kind of traditions you already have, and which ones you decide to give a try. Of course I'm always going to love your Christmastime posts, as we share a mutual love for everything Christmas! But I'm with the rest of your lovely group here; the thing that I love most about your blog is the sense that you've welcomed us all into your crafty area, your kitchen, your garden, and your adventures. I love "sharing" a cup of hot cocoa "with you" as I catch up on you latest endeavors. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful corner of the internet where we can come and be friends!

awwwwww arielle, you are such

awwwwww arielle, you are such a lovely friend.  of course you are welcome in my kitchen, garden, craftroom!!  i do want this to be a quiet retreat, and that is why i have been unwilling to place ads and things like that here.  your words confirming that i have achieved that desire warms my heart.  just hearing from you warms my heart.  thank you.  

Dear Pam, I am a long time

Dear Pam,

I am a long time lurker on your blog. I love the seasonality of your crafts, foods, decorating, and musings. While I can see your instagram pages on my computer, I would miss your WORDS if your blog went away. I also love the archive of material I have access to on the blog. I find comfort, familiarity, and cheer there. I am of Scandinavian heritage, and unexpectedly single again in my 60's. Visiting your blog is like having coffee with a friend. I love to see what you are knitting and baking, and how the phenomenal primstav is coming along! Someday I must make a primstav quilt.

Yours, Heather

Heather, thank you so much

Heather, thank you so much for your lovely note.  I am so glad to know you are "there".  You must have noticed on Instagram that I made my first Kolakaker this year for the holidays.  OMG they are the simplest and tastiest cookies!.  Definitely sharing them here closer to the winter holidays!!

I actually LOVE writing tutoriala and how-tos.  So it would leave a big hole in my heart if I stopped!  But I do find Instagram useful for less intense content.  And so much of what goes on Instagram really isn't work archiving.  I am glad to hear that youy use and enjoy the content in those archives.

I have also archived all the tutorials in the Albums section of Flicker.  The little collage at the bottom of the projects bars on the right side will take you directly there.  Kinda nice because the pictures of each one appear with a link to the post.

It is weird being single in our sixties.  I am in the same boat.  Still trying to find my way and sort out the past and forge a new path forward.  Not the kind of contingency most of us plan for..  So I am glad to hear that this space is offering some comfort and familarity.  It does for me as well.

thank you for sharing your thoughts.  xo

Pam, I have followed you for


I have followed you for about 6-7 years now and I personally don't need any specific format or style of blog. I just enjoy reading about what you are doing and how your life is going. I miss Diane at Craftypod terribly and wish she hadn't quit but it is what it is. If you need or want to spot for financial reasons I completely understand but hope that all you do is write.


Not going anywhere, Maureen.

Not going anywhere, Maureen.  Just feeling like I am letting everyone down because I just can't continue to post three times a week like the "good old days" 6-7 years ago!!!

But is seems that is not an issue!  Which is good to know.  Quality is most important it seems.

I cried for two days when Diane quit her blog.  I think it was tough on many of us who have been with her since day one, and of course being her mother I also know what a very difficult decision it was for her to make.  She does post over at Instagram a couple times a week and is focused now on projects just for her own heart.  It is very good for her right now.  

Your Easter Bunny is

Your Easter Bunny is adorable, and I love those socks - the yarn pattern is fabulous... they kind of match the bunny, too!

So... regarding your question. You know I follow on Instagram, and I come back to your blog, too, to see if there is different content. I'll go anywhere online, so for me it's not an issue. But as a blogger, I understand the issue about keeping up with things all over the place, I'm also working on the direction my blog is going (and since my host just renewed for 2 years, that is my deadline whether I keep it or go back to free .blogspot or not!)

I just added an Instagram feed to the sidebar of my blog - I'm not sure if I even have readers over there, but this way it shares a little bit of the content I have in each place - could you do that and share your content from Instagram over here? (and entice non-Instagrammers to sign on and follow you!)

Tammy, what a great idea

Tammy, what a great idea regarding the Instagram feed on the side bar.  At least people can keep up with what is going on over there!  I will discuss it with Diane.   I am not really looking for followers so much as community made up of people who share similar interests or are very good at what they do, like Sam Clark the potter who makes fabulous dragons and coffee trolls.  And engaging with the photography community has been good for me - helping me get back in touch with a part of me I put aside when we switched to digital for the busines.

Also, I love my new bunny too!  It has taken two years to finally get to knitting him but I was determined it was not going to be three or four!!  Arne and Carlos will return to the Pacific Northwest in the fall and I am making that my official deadline to complete some of the projects on my list!!

I'm hearing more snow headed your way.  Bet you are thrilled!  Stay safe and warm.


What? Blogs aren't in

What? Blogs aren't in anymore? I'm computer based, not mobile base, so I missed that. I love your blog for the Christmas and other holiday posts you put up. That is how I found you. Keep on! Instagram is so fleeting and no substance.

Haha, Missy, you are right

Haha, Missy, you are right about that - Instagram is definitely programed for substance!!!  Blogs fit the bill for that.  And that is how I am seeing my place in both places.  Substance here and sound bites there!!  I was just curious if that would work for my blog audience.  I am not on line with any intention other than to share and enjoy others with similar interests.  I do need to get back to more craft based activities - really indulged my enjoyment of knitting this year almost to the exclusion of all else.  Still feeling my way.

Thank you for your note.  I means a lot.  

That sweater will be

That sweater will be stunning! Now I'm tempted to start a sweater but in a few weeks it will be too hot to consider knitting something that large with wool.

Beautiful socks!

I haven't checked out Instragram yet. Will give it some serious thought because I haven't been blogging or posting on Flickr for months.

Avital!  It is so wonderful

Avital!  It is so wonderful to hear from you.  I have lost touch with far too many people over here.  I am so grateful for all the generous hearts that forgive me!!!

I haven't knit a sweater since I was in college and that was so long ago that this one could truly be my first!!  I hope I have done enough knitting now to actually attempt and succeed!!  We shal see.  

Knitting has been my main form of entertainment this past year, but late in the summer, I did get drawn into the Instagram Photography community by a photographer you will recognize at once as being incredable - head and sholders above most others.  And he is also a generous individual committed to being interactive.  He shoots with a Phase One System.  Anyway, if you do decide to join in, I think you will enjoy the community and look me up at the same - gingerbread............  and I will introduce you around!!

Thank you so much for saying hello!


Dear Pam, I agree with much

Dear Pam,
I agree with much of what Gill has said. You are in my blog reader, so I know when you have posted, so the frequency doesnt matter so much.
The blogs I like to read have a strong voice and I find myself ading craftswomen who do things I am never likely to do, like quilting, partly for the eyecandy, but mainly for the voice and story.
Having said all that, you need to do what is right for you. I am so happy to hear the inner peace returning, in your voice. Oh, and I am looking forward to seeing the finished primastav, too (no pressure :)).

All the very best from me, to you.

Dawn!  Thank you so much.  I

Dawn!  Thank you so much.  I do intend to remain here, I just don't see a need to post bits and pieces like I am now doing on IG.  However, tutorials and thoughts etc will be here.  I really appreciate you taking time to add your thoughts.  

Hi! Knowing that you are

Hi! Knowing that you are really loving your IG account, I just subscribed via my feedly acct to keep track of you. I can't believe I've been missing all those photos! I recently sub'd to Diane's, too. I'm going to email you now, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Hi Alice!  This is very good

Hi Alice!  This is very good news indeed.  I don't have access to my Feedly for a few days yet, but will give it a try as soon as I do.  Thank you so much.  I have looked and looked for you there.  Are you using a different name??

Pam, I love your blog. Your

Pam, I love your blog. Your photography is excellent -- which makes it fun as well as worthwhile to read your tutorials. I always keep an eye out for a new blog post from you, but I would not presume to get crabby because I haven't seen one for awhile. It's *your* blog! So thanks, and best wishes!

Susan!  It's great hearing

Susan!  It's great hearing from you!  I appreciate your words and am happy to know you are still here!!!  I still love writing posts, I just don't see the blog as an avenue for tiny bits.  But I will continue to share tutorials etc. 


I love when I see a new blog

I love when I see a new blog post from you pop up in my reader! I particularly enjoy your seasonal or significant date related crafts and often follow them or use them as inspiration for my own crafts.

Jenny, thank you for the

Jenny, thank you for the input and for sharing that you find inspiration here!  That warms my heart.  I am after all, here to simply to share. 

Hi! I come to see the fun

Hi! I come to see the fun things you're making and for your tutorials. I know blogs are falling out of fashion for most people, but I don't have a cellphone so I can't get on instagram--outside of seeing a few images. It definitely seems to be the happening place. I don't come by often enough for you to stay here just for me, but I wanted to let you know that regardless I've enjoyed what you've created here very much. Thank you!

Thank you Chiska for taking

Thank you Chiska for taking time to share your thoughts and telling me what appeals most to you here when you do visit.  And you are in luck because tutorials and sharing what I make are definitely part of the plan!!!

I'm the same, Instagram has

I'm the same, Instagram has become the primary way to share and interact these days. I enjoy seeing your holiday bits and hearing more of the story. I think i've come to the conclusion that my blog is more for when I want to share more photos of a single project and maybe a bit more of the story. It's great to be able to share a snippet on Instagram and then say: if you want more of the story go to my blog post.

I agree Christina!  But it

I agree Christina!  But it did occur that I have made many friends here in the blogisphere that do not use mobile devices and I really do not want to lose touch with them or have them think I have deserted them!!

Hope you are doing well and your little family of lovely creatures survived this crazy winter.

Hi! I still check out your

Hi! I still check out your posts when they're up, though I've been mostly a lurker of late. :) I love your fun creative spirit. The type of project doesn't matter so much, as seeing what you're up to, it inspires me to keep making stuff. I'm also on Instagram, too as Dyhanaverse. I found your page on there. Cheers.

Hahaha Dyhana!  I almost

Hahaha Dyhana!  I almost dropped my teeth when I saw your name in my "likes" today!!  Tried to pop into your gallery but IG was having difficulty loading - seems like that is happening more and more.

Be that as it may, I am very happy to hear from you and know you are still on line.  I have been so out of touch these past 20 months.  

And by all means I definitely want to keep my friends inspired to create and make!!!  Thanks so much for stopping by..

I still enjoy reading your

I still enjoy reading your blog and I appreciate your tutorials. BTW your bunny is precious. I'm old fashioned and like blogs - I don't do instagram. I totally understand that bloggers are becoming disillusioned (I, too have thought about quitting blogging) and moving over to instagram. You must do what works best for you. :)

Awwww thank you Kate.  I

Awwww thank you Kate.  I actually love both for different reasons!  And I enjoy both places, although blog posts do take much more time!!  Comments are down and if one is blogging for comments, and big numbers at that, they will probably be disappointed.  But me - I have a family here!!!  So I am going nowhere.  

Hello Pam! Well, I just

Hello Pam!
Well, I just popped in today to say "Please come back to us!" I miss your cheerful presence in blog land, and I don't do other social media. As you know, I am more of a paper and pen girl????.
Trying to answer your questions honestly, and from the heart and not overthinking them....

I have been looking at the books I am buying and reading at the moment and I see a common theme: it is that of how other women have lived their lives and raised their families, how the seasons have turned and how this is reflected in their lives. On my table/ reading pile at the moment are books such as biographies of Alison Uttley, Beatrix Potter and Edith Holden, books on cooking and crafting for lent and Easter, and books that deal with seasonal celebrations and nature and gardening around the year.

In your blog I find an authentic voice. You write from the heart and show your readers what and how you are crafting. I have never felt that you are forcing the issue...you are not writing something, anything, hitting "Post" before that early morning deadline to capture the most blog hits of the day. There have been happy times and sad times as your real life is reflected in your posts. I, and I am sure, many others, have come to know you as a friend, chatting together over the virtual garden fence. As with any friendship, sometimes you find something more interesting than I do and sometimes we hit on exactly the same topic of discussion, excitedly sharing comments back and forth, and so on. I love your seasonal celebrations, your crafts and recipes. I enjoy seeing your beautiful nature photography too, but I am eagerly awaiting your finishing of your embroidered primstav, however long it takes, as I think perhaps you have laid it aside for a time.

Now, I don't know if any of that helped you, or even answered your question in truth, but today, a beautiful sunshiny day of early spring is here, a day in which there is an ever present trickling and dripping of the snow and there is a real sense of anticipation that the winter is retreating and hope that the warmth of the days will increase, and I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you, and hoping that your days are increasingly joyful too. That is why I am here ????.

Oh Gill, my dear friend,

Oh Gill, my dear friend, thank you for this lovely note today!  I am so very happy to hear "your voice".  I was thinking of you all day as I am decorating for Easter myself, and have placed the lovely Easter linen on my large coffee table with a basket full of fiber eggs!  And my Easter Witches are happy, as they are every year, to be allowed to fly from the studio into the living room!

Prinstav!  Well!  It is all the fault of your countrymen - Arne and Carlos - that I have not touched my primstav in many months!!!  They drive me crazy with all their inspiration and brilliance!!!  And just when I think I am getting caught up, they come out with another book!!!!

But the primstav is on my top priority list of ten for this year.  I have completed the design and transfer of all remaining days and simply have only the actual embroidery to complete.

And FYI, I AM moving toward a more happy and joyful place every day.  I appreciate your friendship, love, and support more than I could ever say.

I don't do Instagram or any

I don't do Instagram or any social media, so this is the only way I can see your beautiful work and ideas. Thanks for all you share.

Thank you Laura for sharing

Thank you Laura for sharing your thoughts.  I am not going anywhere, just trying to figure out a way to make this little corner of the internet useful and enjoyable to all who still visit.

I like to see what holidays

I like to see what holidays you are celebrating and shere the traditions. Come from. I also like the baking. The various ornaments you make are interesting.

I really appreciate you

I really appreciate you taking the time to share your feelings about what you enjoy here, Chppie!   Holidays, traditions, baking and making do seem to be my favorite things as well!!!!!  ;-)