Hello! I am Back, Let's Get Caught UP

Catching up

First time ever scrappy socks made for the Instagram Monster Sock Kal in September. I was skeptical at first as my sock yarn scraps are diverse! But I gave it a try and ended up winning first place!!!

Catching up

I have begun work on two Sweaters - something I thought I would never do! On the left - Wide Border Sweater from Arne and Carlos book "Norwegian Knits with a Twist" knitted in Knit Picks Gloss DK. On the right - Breathing Space Sweater designed by Veera Valimaki and available on Ravelry. A group of us who hang out at Blizzard Yarn and Fiber in Vancouver, WA are knitting this sweater as a Knitalong. I am knitting it in Madeline Tosh Merino Light in Vintage Sari and Vermillion.

Catching up

Don't you love this Alan Dart Spooky Spider?? I purchased the pattern three years ago and just this fall knitted it using Mr. Dart's recommended yarn, Hayfield Bonus DK. The pattern is available on the Alan Dart website.

Catching up

This spring, I received gorgeous, handmade hat and mittens from Instagram friends in Norway, Hilda Reidarsdottir and her daughter Gina. In return I made Hilda a mini Magnus Mouse and a Pony for Gina. Both patterns are by Arne and Carlos. I used scrap yarn for the mouse, and Arne and Carlos sock yarn designed for Regia in twilight for the pony.

Catching up

I am crazy to do it with all the knitted gifts I have on the needles, but I joined Carina's Christmas Stitchalong Club. Participants receive by email 3 Christmas themed embroidery patterns every Monday beginning October 31. 8 Mondays - 24 patterns! Find the information needed to sign up on Carina's Craft Blog.

Catching up

November 13th I will be at Blizzard Yarn and Fiber to share toys, dolls, and ornaments made using patterns by all my favorite designers: Arne and Carlos, Alan Dart, Marie Mayhew, and Planet June. If there is anyone left reading this blog in Vancouver or Portland area, drop by between 12:00 and 3:00. And bring some knitting and stay after to join the Blizzard squad for cookies, coffee, knitting and conversation.

Catching up

For sure I am going to be here through the Winter Holidays with recipes, celebrations, and tutorials for a fiber nativity, punched tin Christmas Tree, and a secret surprise I know you will love.

To get started, why not knit a few Christmas Balls using the free Arne and Carlos patterns available on the Schachenmayr website. Arne and Carlos revised the basic pattern so that it knits up quite quickly and created 24 beautiful new patterns. The basic pattern is available in many different languages. The ball designs are displayed together - just click on each one to get the pattern.

What is Next at Gingerbreadsnowflakes? I am not sure. Except that I know for certain I will be here during the Winter Holidays every year, and probably for major holidays throughout the year. Diane is going to put the Christmas Banner up and we will leave it in place. Beyond that, I don't know. I keep in touch with so many of my blog friends now on Instagram. But I love it here, and miss the friends made here in this space that do not play on Instagram.

So I AM sticking around. If there are any followers still out there in the blogisphere, please say hello and if there is anything you would especially like to see here, I would love to hear.

Pam, I am so glad you are


I am so glad you are back! I was worried that maybe you had decided to stop blogging. How is your embroidery calendar coming? So, so glad you are back!!! Miss Diane terribly and hope she is well.


Hello Maureen!  No - I didn.t

Hello Maureen!  No - I didn.t give up blogging!  Just couldn't type for a long time!!

I love it here too much to let it go.  But after the holiday season, I will likely not post as frequently as previously, limiting my posts to mostly holidays and celebrations.

The primstave has been badly neglected, but I am stitching on it again. I really hope to finish it this spring so I can put it up for April 14th.

Diane is well and persuing some of her other talents currently. Thank you for asking.

We were just talking about

We were just talking about you at my house on Sunday and wondering how you were and what you were up to! And come to find out, I had missed your post!
So glad you're feeling better and can type again! Your socks turned out gorgeous, and I look forward to seeing your creative works throughout our favorite season! Only 51 days until Christmas! And only a couple more weeks until I can put up my Christmas trees! So excited! And so excited to have you back for the holidays!
Big hugs,

Funny thing, Arielle, I have

Funny thing, Arielle, I have been thinking of you as well!!  I am thrilled to finally be able to type and do al the crafts I love.  Knitting was possible because the left hand doesn't do much! 

Just finally got a job and it is a God Send, it really is.  I get to dress girls up in wedding dresses all day!!!  My brides were the one thing I missed the most since giving up the business.  This bridal shop is only four blocks from my house and I have known most of the people I work with for over 20 years so they are really more like family.

Feels so good to be a productive member of the world again!!!  

Sending you much love, sweetheart.  Thank you so much for your note.

Hey Pam, welcome back to your

Hey Pam, welcome back to your blog! ;)

I love love those socks. Congratulations! And thanks for sharing all the groovy stuff. Now I feel like taking a break from painting and embroidering or crocheting some Christmas gifts.

Genevieve, Thank you for your

Genevieve, Thank you for your warm welcome!  I am thrilled you like my scrappy socks and even more thrilled that I might have enticed you into picking up your hooks and needles!  

So glad to gave you back!

So glad to gave you back! I'd be interested in seeing your nativity collection. Thanks for letting us know about the free A&C ball pattern. I am starting to feel in the mood to make some Christmas ornaments. I will go check it out. Thanks.

Thank you Chppie.  Definitely

Thank you Chppie.  Definitely posting a tutorial on the nativity soon.  And I am always happy to share information like Arne and Carlos' new Christmas Ball patterns.  Have fun with them!

Where did you get the pattern

Where did you get the pattern for the pony? Thank you

Cindy, the pony pattern is

Cindy, the pony pattern is available on the Trafalgar Books USA website.  In fact if memory serves, there are four or five free patterns residing there.  They can be downloaded.  

I cannot tell you how excited

I cannot tell you how excited I was to see this blog alert in my inbox this morning! Though I've never commented before, I've been a longtime follower of this blog, and I'm in constant admiration of all of your projects. I'm looking forward to another session of winter holidays with you :)

As for requests.... I always love to see recommended crochet projects for the holidays, as well as your advent calendars!

Craftery! Thank you so

Craftery! Thank you so much!!!  You certainly know how to make a gal feel missed!  I can finally type again - just in time for the holidays!!!

I understand that Planet June will be launching a new, very cool holiday themed crochet pattern in November.  As soon as it is available, I will be blogging about it!!

And I have a an idea that Carina's Christmas Stitch Along may very well be an advent project as there are 24 motifs included.  

Oh, Congrats on the

Oh, Congrats on the win!
Great socks!!!

Thank you Annette!  I was so

Thank you Annette!  I was so surprised I just kept rereading the announcement to be sure I hadn't misunderstood!

Hey Pam! Good to see what you

Hey Pam!
Good to see what you have been up to!
I have gotten several Christmasy stitching dies that I am in the process of trying out. The newest & cutest are some gingerbread folks.

I look forward to seeing more of your posts!

Annette,  thank you for the


thank you for the hugs and not forgetting me!!  

While I was away from the blogiverse, it seems my whole reader was taken off line.  I still trying to figure out what is going on.  So - are you sharing your Christmas stitching die tests on your blog??? Or IG.?

Hi, Pam. Thanks so much for

Hi, Pam. Thanks so much for the beautiful post! You asked if anyone was out here -- yes! I retired at the end of June. It took me awhile to unwind and get some rest. I hope to get into a serious handwork project soon. Thank you for always adding beauty to my world!

Oh Susan, dear, thank you so

Oh Susan, dear, thank you so much for your lovely note.  Your words could not have made me happier.  Sharing the beauty art and craft and tradition, and cookies bring to our lives is the main reason I am here.  It brings me great joy.  

Yeay!, Hello, hello, hello,

Yeay!, Hello, hello, hello, waving happily from Norway ????
I can't believe how busy you have been???? I have been crocheting blankets, finishing an Outlander shawl that I put away for the summer and then lost (and finally found) and am doing an Autumn hoop from lovely Bustle and Sew emagazine. I would love to see craft for St Nicks day if you have time!

Oh it is good to see you back, Pam, and that sock pony is gorgeous!
Love Gill

Awwww my wonderful friend,

Awwww my wonderful friend, your note brought a huge smile to my face and my heart.  I have missed you as well and I am very happy to be back here in this special place surrounded by good friends.  

When you say "for St. Nick's Day" Are we talking about December 6th or December 25th?

And I knew you would love the pony.  I have already planned to make you one for your nativity. Next Year!  Absolutely the cutest ever and since you add a new item every year, you are set for 2017!  He isn't too tall as I use fingering yarn and small needles.

You are the inspiration behind the fiber nativity I am working on.  Starting out this year with Mary, Joseph, the babe, a shepherd.  Already have the angel and a sheep.  I will create at least one new fiber piece to add each year. 

Sorry to be so absent, but typing was very, very difficult until recently. Knitting was easy!

Much love to you and your family, Gill.  And thank you for such an enthusiastic and warm welcome. XOXOXO

I meant 6 December ;) And all

I meant 6 December ;)
And all those weird ???? were perhaps intended to be ! (Im not sure what happened there)
i am definitely looking forwards to seeing your new fiber nativity. How kind to say I inspired it....I think you have a goodly collection of Nativities too.
We are having gorgeous Autumn weather here, really sunshiny and just crisp enough to bring out the full colours in the leaves and berries everywhere.
I trust your arm is fully recovered now?

I am sure I will have

I am sure I will have something!!!  Can you believe up until a couple years ago, my whole holiday season beginning Nov. 1 was carefully planned out??  Now I fly by the seat of my pants!!  New experience for this over organized girl!!!  

I am hearing from people all over Scandinavia that Fall has been amazingly fabulous this year, which is your reward for almost not having summer!!!  Our fall was a fizzle for the most part.  

Yes, thank you for asking, my arm is healed.  I am told remaining stiffness and soreness will continue for another 6 months, but the bone is healed and I am able to knit, punch tin, and finally type with both hands.  

I wil be sharing Alan Dart's patterns I have made, as well as Arne and Carlos, Marie Mayhew and Planet June in a couple weeks at Blizzard knitting shop. I took several pieces in and was invited to do sort of a show and tell.  Very excited to share these designers with a group of women who don't know them.  

Sending you another round of hugs.  And lots of Love.