Year Round Tree: November

Catching up

I started something new this year! Every time I change the ornaments on my 'Year Round Tree' (often referred to as my seasonal tree) I will make a collage of some of my favorites from the collection and share. I posted the above collage just a few days ago on Instagram and am now sharing with you!

This one, my November Tree, is displaying a collection of ornaments depicting the warm, glowing colors of fall and the treasures we associate with the season.

From upper left: Copper and turquoise blue beaded wire snowflake; mini corn husk angel; Bird house with punched tin roof made by Diane on the first day we started experimenting with punched tin; Golden Aspen leaf skeleton; another bird house and maple leaf; crystal and wire wrap star; Diane's bird house (had to share all three); carved wooden apple core found 25 years ago in Julian, CA - apple pie and fall magic place to go in fall if you live in So. Cal.; and in the center, my experimental God's Eye tree topper fashioned from raffia!

Right after Thanksgiving, the little 4' tree will change into something more Christmas-y!