Green Chile Harvest - Roast and Freeze You Own

Green Chile picked by me!

ROAST GREEN CHILE now, at the peak of the harvest, for use all winter.  If you can't get them at your local markets or farms, you can order them from the world famous New Mexico green chile growers, Hatch Chile Express.

You might even try growing them in your garden next summer.  We grow them in our container garden and local farmers are successful in growing them here in the Pacific Northwest, so they should do well almost anywhere.

Just so you know, you're going to need them December 12th for a special recipe I am sharing for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  

Get out your grill, scrub the grilling racks, turn up the heat to high and lay out your chile.

As they begin to char on one side, turn them over and over until the skin is charred on all sides. 

As you pull the chile off the grill, place them in a pyrex baking dish and immediately cover with a towel.

As soon as the chile is cool enough to handle, place about 10 to 15 chile in a plastic bag.  Don't seal the bag yet - fold the top over and let the chile cool completely.  Once the chile is cool, seal the bag, removing as much air as possible, and store in the freezer.


Note of caution:  Always, always wear gloves when handling chile to prevent the capsaicin from burning your skin.  And avoid rubbing your eyes during preparation.

Defrost your green chile right in the bag it was frozen in.

Remove the charred skin.  It will slip right off.

Another view just for reference showing the skin on and off the chile.

Slice open the peeled chile and remove the seeds - the seeds are one of the two places the HEAT hides!  You can do this under running water, or simply scrape them away from the flesh with the edge of a knife blade.

Once the seeds are removed, you will notice there are two fleshy ribs - also where the HEAT hides.  If you are a fan of hot foods, leave the ribs in place.  If, like me, you are not fond of that "mouth on fire" sensation, these ribs can be removed to reduce the intensity of the HEAT considerably.

A closer look at those ribs!

To remove them, simply cut through the flesh on each side of the rib with a sharp knife.

Now chop into pieces and your chile is ready to be added to your recipe.

Frozen green chile lasts at least a year in the freezer and is perfect for use in casseroles, stews, guacamole, quesadillas and salsas.


YUM! I've been buying a

YUM! I've been buying a different kind of chili each week at the farmstand, some to taste and use, some to dry. Roasting is such a good idea, thanks!

om nom nom nom!

om nom nom nom!

Nummers! I can almost smell

Nummers! I can almost smell them grilling, mmm...You've given me a craving for chile reanos(sp), must make soon!

I so love your posts and tutorials, such great photos and clear instructions, thank you!

Isn't this interesting! I

Isn't this interesting! I learn something every time I come here. When I am back in AZ and need a recipe for something good I am coming here.