Taking a Short Break


I have not forgotten you!

I am in the big middle of one of the nastiest colds I can remember so it may be a few more days before my head is clear enough to post again or get caught up in my reader.

Just didn't want you to feel deserted. I will be back soon. I am missing you!


PS Don't you love how pretty my rose looks in the new spring look Diane created for my blog?  Thank you, Diane, I love it.

A Little Break From "Thank You" to Take You Shopping!


My new dining room? I wish! Beautiful space isn't it?

There is a new shop in town! Miss Adelines! Our friends (and the owners), Pam and Debra Pulioff, will be holding the grand opening this coming Saturday, March 5th from 1:00 to 5:00.!

Locals - you just have to drop by.

My sweetie and I did some of the photography for the web site so I am sharing a few of my favorites because I know that those of you that are too far away to visit, will love seeing the shop!


Most of the furniture has been hand painted by Pam - like this gorgeous game set .


I love the fish detail on the ends of the table...


and the chairs.


And don't you love this little side table. Check out the high heels on the bottom of the legs!


One room is all about kids! Pam painted everything you see in the picture including the wall! AND the carpet on the floor! I didn't know carpet could be painted! It can! And it totally looks like a real brick floor! (She is NOT selling the floor, however!)

Love the high chair. Love it!


And check out these fabulous hand puppets. Twelve to fourteen inches or bigger! Every animal you can imagine and so soft and squishy and cuddly. I need a puppet like I need a hole in my head, but I just have to have one of these!


Finger puppets! Look at the detail! They are wonderful! What kid wouldn't love play-acting with a few of these?


Back to Pam! My friend Pam! She paints the bird houses - they are custom built by a good friend.

The sun flowers and the Sun - very clever reuse project! But I am divulging no secrets!

For those of you across the country or across the ocean for that matter, I hope you enjoyed a little shopping trip!

If you live in the Portland/Salem area, go see for yourselves how cute this shop really is. If you can make it for the grand opening this coming Saturday - all the better!

A Successful Cookie Party and A Flurry of Kosher Salt!


If it weren't for the Creative Jewish Mom, I would have never known about a most excellent tool called Inlinkz! And without Sara's help and advice, most likely I would not have been able to hold my Winter Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap!

So right off the bat I owe Sara a huge thank you!

Owl Love


I just love this little owl ornament to pieces! And I love LollyChops to pieces for creating the pattern and the tutorial for making it! Apparently, I am not the only one either! Check out her Abraham Owl Flickr Group.

More Scandi-goodness


Two more Scandinavian freiends today - Hannah who has been hanging out with me since the beginning of Gingerbread Snowflakes, and Kathryn who I only met this past fall. Their blogs and friendship have been huge sources of inspiration.

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