Learning New Things

YAAAAY! My First Pair of Socks!

It is my goal this year to learn to knit socks!

Bumbles (The Abomidable Snow Monster )is thrilled with my very first pair.  I haven't the heart to tell him he won't get to keep them because they are destined for Children in Common.

I am almost literally floating on air I am so proud of myself! My sweetie is now convinced I have lost my mind - but I can't help myself!  This is a huge step toward my goal!

Eureka! My Table Loom Is Operational!

I bought myself a birthday present last year - a Rigid Heddle Loom made by Ashford Wheels and Looms, New Zealand. And then, I proceeded to spend the entire year finding "other things to keep me busy". Like this blog! That's it ... that's why I never got this loom put together. I'll blame it on the blog!


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